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Editor: Hannah Mchugh

Hannah McHugh is a PhD researcher in Political Theory at University College London, Graduate Teaching Assistant at London School of Economics and Labour Party Councillor in Islington. Her main area of interest is social justice from the perspective of republican theory and relational egalitarianism. She has written on structural injustice, political responsibility, historic injustice and on normative issues connected to financial market behaviours.


Co-Editor: Nikhil Venkatesh

Nikhil teaches and researches philosophy at the London School of Economics, having recently submitted his PhD thesis at University College London.

His research focuses primarily on utilitarianism and socialism, with interests in effective altruism, population ethics, Marxism, the ethics of data, the philosophy of race and gender, and the nature of normativity, morality and politics.

You can read more on his website: here.


Editorial Assistant:
Hannah Gillott

Hannah Gillott is a second year student in Politics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics, with particular interests in criminal justice, epistemology and free will. She hopes to channel this into a career in political communications and journalism, and is excited to combine these interests in her work on What To Do About Now?

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Contributors and submission guidelines




If you are interested in becoming a contributor, then please get in touch with a pitch of the article you would like to contribute. We are interested in topics connected to contemporary political concerns with a connection to political theory or ethics. 

Thanks for submitting!

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